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Downtown Glam Elopement

Let me answer your first question: yes, this elopement is real!  

Lacey + Leavens decided to get married on a warm spring weekend while Leavens was home on leave from the military.  Lacey's vision was so clear + RAD!  They started their day getting ready together at the hotel, while a fun playlist set the tone for the day and they shared some coffee and bagels.  Next stop was downtown for matching tattoos.  They spent a few minutes reading love letters they'd written to each other while they waited for the pizza delivery guy, before walking down the aisle together.  

They exchanged vows in front of their best friends, who set them up a year ago.  After a few bites of pizza and a champagne tower toast, they ran around downtown in newlywed bliss - kissing in the middle of the street, riding around in an abandoned shopping cart, and sipping drinks at a favorite bar.  Later that night, I met back up with Lacey + Leavens so that they could cut into the cake they made together.