Cassidy Bell MINI
Cassidy Bell MINI

I’m Cassidy — a photographer, wife, boy mom, and seeker of the perfect gooey chocolate chip cookie recipe.

My photography style is bright, fun, and focused on beautiful, unique interactions. It’s filled with laughter, joy, and the pieces of the story you are living day in and day out. I make it simple for you, keep it light, and focus on the candid moments that naturally occur between people who are crazy about each other! 

Years from now I want you to look at the photos we’ve created together and have all of those memories come flooding back from this beautiful and crazy season of your life.

My passion for photography is ever-evolving as my own family continues to grow. I’m inspired most by the connections and ordinary moments that fill our days, and each new season of marriage and motherhood has brought new perspective and helps me to better document your unique story.

In 2014 I married my high school sweetheart, Brennan, and I'm even crazier about him now than I was then!  He’s my breath of fresh air, and we’ve built a marriage that I’m really proud of. He’s taught me so much about how to be a better partner and how to support the people you love. 

We became parents five years later to our son Riot. While I was busy figuring out how to be a mom, I continued photographing families and couples and spent all of my spare time laying the foundation — figuratively and literally! —  of a big dream of mine: opening a wedding venue. We opened The Hive in June 2021. Ottie, our second little boy, was born ten days after the grand opening.

Although this season of life has been busier than I ever anticipated, I’m learning that it’s okay to show my boys what hard work looks like and that “balance” doesn’t exist. I find so much  inspiration in the way I connect with my family when I set aside the editing and read a story to my kids or go on a date with Bren. These simple moments amidst the chaos are the ones that I treasure, and I always take silent note of how I can replicate the feelings in my next session.



I love puzzles, jump roping, and any chance to be outside running around with my family.


I’ve lived in Brazil and China for about a year each. Those years shaped me and kindled a passion for traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. I love any kind of trip, but my favorites will always be the ones with multiple countries on the itinerary and a backpack filled with only the essentials.


I love making our house a home and enjoy all things home decor + DIY.  If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d absolutely consider an interior design career. My homemaking skills stop there though — Brennan is the one you’ll find cooking dinner and folding most of the laundry!